Country Girl Maybe…

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Stories of Rigby
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My dog recently caught an opossum and was shaking his head growling as he hung on to the opossum for dear life. To begin with I had no clue what he had, only that he had caught something fairly large in size and he was intent on holding on to it.

It was rather late when this occurred and of course I couldn’t see exactly what it was. I ordered Rigby (the dog) to drop it and I quickly went over to take a picture with my cell phone. I was quite shocked to see the opossum laying there presumably dead.

I hurried off inside with the intention of disposing of the body the following morning. Rigby like most dogs I’m sure loves to roll around on dead animals and then proudly return to the house (and on my bed) reeking of dead animal.

The following morning to my great surprise the opossum was gone. When I mentioned it my mother she was like “for a country girl you don’t know much do you? Haven’t you ever heard the term “playing opossum”?”

The Girl That…

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