Estate Sale…

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Estate Sales
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I went looking for a sofa…you know one of those things that sit in your living space (Living Room, Family Room, Den, etc.).  Before the sale, I was looking at the pictures online and saw a fairly contemporary sofa that I thought would be a good fit for my house. It wouldn’t show dirt (the dog just doesn’t understand he should wipe his paws prior to jumping on the furniture)… it would somewhat match the rest of my decor… and best of all I figured I could get it for a reasonable price…


Rigby lounging on the new sofa once we got it home yesterday… and for just $100 (for an almost brand new sleeper sofa) I am ecstatic…

However, I also came home with a ton of other stuff (i.e. junk)…






This is just a small sample of what I ended up dragging home yesterday… I had so much stuff in my car yesterday that someone asked me if I was moving…I


The Girl That…

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