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Enough said…

Posted: August 31, 2013 in My Life
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Trust is a huge aspect of any type of relationship.  Without that vital piece of the puzzle, any type of relationship you find yourself in, friendship, romantic relationships, work relationships, etc., will not stand the test of time.  I have an incredibly memory so I remember way too many things about way too much crap.  If someone tells me something I expect it to be the truth and since I don’t often forget things people tell me, it often places me in rather difficult positions.  I am not one to trust easily so when that trust is breached, I am not one to forget and forgive.

A former “friend” of mine once told me “when you’re done, you’re done” and that holds true even today.  I will do everything within my power to be the best friend, confidante, lover, employee, daughter, sibling, etc. that I can possibly be.  However when I’m done, I’m done.