A Year in Review…

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
  1. New Job = new co-workers, new friends, new beginnings
  2. Old Job = lost connections, fair weather friends, true friends 
  3. New living arrangements = farm in the country with lots of room for the dog to run and play and a big ol’ drafty house for the dog and I to ramble around in 
  4. Vacations = new friends, loss of sleep (not in a good way), friendships tested 
  5. Hair Color Changes = new stylist (I adore), colors ranging from teal, blue, purple, fuschia, cheerwine red, to black
  6. New puppies = idiots dropping half starved puppies off (almost) at your doorstep 
  7. Being sick = asthmatic bronchitis, RSV, strep throat (strain G) and a cracked rib all at the same flipping time… and oh yeah, stepping on a rusty nail and having to pull it out yourself while trying to deal with the cracked rib
  8. Thai food 
  9. Estate sales 
  10. Ticks 
  11. Happy Birthday to Me… (inside joke) 
  12. Dating (stinks) 
  13. Surgery (tonsils and inferior turbinate reduction) 
  14. Scratch off lottery tickets

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