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For Parts…

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Antiques
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For parts… that was what printed on my receipt at a local antique store when I purchased the Big Ben alarm clock shown below.


I understand that the glass is broken off the front of the clock and it probably no longer functions as an alarm clock. I wasn’t purchasing it to actually use though.

I purchased it for the nostalgia… I remember my grandmother winding and setting an alarm clock similar to this every night before going to bed. I never quite figured out how to actually use this type of clock and although it is far from perfect it will be proudly displayed in my bedroom as a nod to the past…

Although it doesn’t work and is far from perfect, it was totally worth the four dollar price tag.

The Girl That…

My dog recently caught an opossum and was shaking his head growling as he hung on to the opossum for dear life. To begin with I had no clue what he had, only that he had caught something fairly large in size and he was intent on holding on to it.

It was rather late when this occurred and of course I couldn’t see exactly what it was. I ordered Rigby (the dog) to drop it and I quickly went over to take a picture with my cell phone. I was quite shocked to see the opossum laying there presumably dead.

I hurried off inside with the intention of disposing of the body the following morning. Rigby like most dogs I’m sure loves to roll around on dead animals and then proudly return to the house (and on my bed) reeking of dead animal.

The following morning to my great surprise the opossum was gone. When I mentioned it my mother she was like “for a country girl you don’t know much do you? Haven’t you ever heard the term “playing opossum”?”

The Girl That…

I love repurposing things… I salvaged my old sofa legs to use on my imaginary pallet table… I say imaginary because I am still waiting on my brother to bring me some pallets so I can make my table.

Anyway, I have all these fab ideas in my head (and on Pinterest) however its incredibly easy to loose sight of what I want to create, the items I need to create them with, where I need to find said items, etc…

Hence the reason for this post… I will be creating a wish list of sorts to enable me to create all these wonderful things floating around in my head…

01. Pallets
02. Doilies
03. Skeleton keys
04. Cable spools
05. Records
06. File cabinets
07. Dresser drawers
08. Antique doors/windows
09. Game boards
10. Paddles (canoe)
11. Old hand tools (rake, hammer, etc.)
12. Hankies
13. Chamber pots
14. Washtubs
15. Wringer washer
16. Old table legs
17. Feed sacks
18. Fabric (vintage)
19. Blue mason jars
20. Insulators
21. Card catalog (wooden)
22. Steamer trunks
23. Vintage suitcases
24. Trophies
25. Antique toys
26. Card table
27. Plates from the dollar store
28. Crates from Michaels


The Girl That…


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A View From My Window

The Girl That…

If such a book exists (which I’m almost positive it does…after all we have books for dummies of all kind)…I truly need it. After reading others blogs I realize how dumb my posts found in comparison…

Then I realized that I’m the only one comparing… or if I’m not, then my opinion is the only one that matters right? Or at least in thegirlthatshowered’s world my opinion is the only one that matters…

The Girl That…